At home remedy for sore throat

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2 Responses

  1. Veronica says:

    Greetings Jelena,

    One of my favorite remedies to cure a sore throat is hot water with honey, a few drops of lemon, and ginger.

    I’ve never tried of using honey with fresh mint, salt or vinegar; I’ll definitely have to try one of those combinations.

    Do you recommend the use of raw honey over the regular generic ones sold in most stores?

    Thanks for expanding my knowledge on the various uses of honey.


    • JelenaBB says:

      Dear Veronica, I always recommend the organic honey and is best if you have a trusted local dealer in your neighborhood. If you live in a larger city, I recommend you look at my selection of raw honey.
      Why choose organic honey? You may be surprised, but the stores have increasingly fake honey. From natural honey to take away all the pollen, which is used in other products (cosmetics, for example), and we then consume pollen-free honey. This is one from which they extracted all the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. So be careful when choosing between. Many of honey on the shelves in stores is actually the empty honey. He does not have the opportunity to help with the allergy, diseases, improving immunity and other things where raw honey helps.

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