Benefits of eating honey everyday

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  1. NemiraB says:

    Hello here, thanks for informative article because nowadays people are lacking common knowledge about products of nature.
    Previously I used plenty of honey. We bought from people who kept bees.
    Other products are good too such as propolis or pollen.
    I used honey for little wound I’d it did not heal longer time. It worked for me,
    I usually buy organic honey in the glas containers.
    Again, all the best providing information about miraculous products such as honey.

    • JelenaBB says:

      Thanks for the comment NemiraB. Yes you’re right, honey, I’m very healthy and useful products are propylis and pollen. The latest research shows that even bees poison could soon be used in the pharmaceutical industry for the treatment of various diseases, and allergies.

  2. Wow, I love honey! I have actually read about three posts about it lately – must be a honey month for me. 🙂
    I am definitely going to try it for going to sleep instead of my usual Melatonin pill. I wonder if it’s all honey or just a type of honey that will help with sleep. Have you read about Manuka honey? Just started reading about it and it’s pretty interesting.
    Thank for the great article!

  3. Penelope says:

    Honey has tryptophan? I had no idea, that’s awesome! And helps to explain why a hot toddy or tea with honey before bed helps to knock you out, rather than get you all amped up on a sugar high 🙂

    I love using raw honey on my face as a mask, it’s so good for the skin and always leaves it so soft afterwards. But now I have even more reasons to eat it, so thank you!

  4. Great article! going through some of the comments i may have to try this myself! i take melatonin at night too. gonna have to make the switch, see if it works for me. love the face mask idea. very informative. alot of new information i didnt know. thanks for this!

    • Jelena says:

      You are welcome Tammy.
      Please try to consume honey before bedtime, at least two weeks and tell us your impressions. I hope you find more interesting articles here on the site, how it can improve during our general condition.

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