Foods That Help Depression

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  1. Linda says:

    Thank you for great tips. I haven’t thought about the possibility to cure anxiety with food. But of course it’s possible when I think about it. I don’t like medication and I try to avoid it. I haven’t had anxiety or a depression for many years, but when I did I went to therapy, which helped but was rather expensive. I think it’s a great idea to help a bit with food if it’s possible, thanks!

  2. Michael says:


    This is a very interesting article. It is rarely people will talk about food when discussing on depression topic. Maybe this is the only way that is usually overlooked by many people when dealing with their depression. Taking care of what we eat may be very helpful in controlling our mind and emotion.

    • Jelena says:

      Hi Michael,

      it is scientifically proven the connection between food with emotions via the hormones that are secreted when taking different food. Thus, the connection between the treatment of depression with a choice of food we eat is very real. Of course, we have to include other things in treatment, such as a daily walk in the fresh air, strolling with positive people, prayer or meditation.

  3. Tim Gillen says:

    I love this. Wow, thanks for all the helpful tips!

  4. Thank you for this post. I struggle with anxiety and depression and am always looking for new ways to help me cope. I will be trying out some of the tips you have posted here. So glad that honey is number 1, I love honey! Im sure there are a lot of people looking for natural ways to help their anxiety and depression because its hard to want to take a handful of pills everyday.

    • Jelena says:

      Hi Christian,
      I also had a problem with depression.
      Honey really helps, especially if you’re taking the morning because it gives extra energy. In order to successfully cope with anxiety and depression, to include in your daily routine at least a half-hour walk in the fresh air.
      Also, you’d least 2x a week to call people you care about. One more thing, although I do internet business I have to write that too much time spent on the Internet can increase anxiety. If you can, turn off the computer every two hours and take a break of at least half an hour. During this time, take a walk, do something at home, take a shower or make a mini training. In the evening it is also good to take a spoon of honey before bedtime because it helps you sleep better. I hope I helped a little.

  5. Courtney says:

    Great blog!

    I have always been especially curious about the varying theories of health benefits in regards to honey. My father swears by it- taking about a tablespoon each nite before bed. He initially took it as part of a weight loss fad, but he now claims that he sleeps much better at night when taking it.

    • Jelena says:

      I also became interested in honey when my father said that hi sleep better if take a teaspoon of honey at night, as well as to the morning gives energy. Then I heard more than a few people and start exploring. I think we will be in the future some other surprise discoveries that honey hiding.

  6. Angela says:

    Thank you for your article. I’ve been learning about health and foods for a while now and I’ve come to realize that raw, plant-based and whole foods are the way to go. I definitely agree that what we put into our bodies can affect our mood and energy levels. Natural remedies are always a great solution to look into when having issues with our bodies.
    Thank you for this information!

    • Jelena says:

      Dear Angela,
      I came to the same conclusion. I read a lot about the impact of food, a lot of things I realized experientially. It is enough to feed a healthy two weeks and more we will see great results. Also, we all know how we feel when we keep excessive sweets and other bad food (especially during holidays). There are even official high score that people at that time the most depressed. I believe that food has a large contribution to this.

  7. sandra says:

    Thank you on the helpful tips about foods that may help with depression. I like the 3 foods you discussed. They are also good for a variety of other health benefits.

    • Jelena says:

      Yes Sandra, you’re right. There are many healthy benefits that are not listed in this article, but you can find much more on the website Sweet Honey.

  8. Furkan says:

    Lately I have been waiting for something to happen but it did not yet and I think I sometimes feel depressed Besides I need more Omega-3 for my bodybuilding diet. I think I will go with walnuts.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Food and exercise are the best answer to almost any illness, so why should depression be the exception. This article makes some good points. I have used honey on infections, and turmeric for my arthritis. They both worked great. What kind of honey is best for depression?

    • Jelena says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Any raw organic honey is good for depression. There are differences in the composition of each type of honey, but they are not as significant when it comes to real organic honey.

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