Ginseng – Energy and Health Booster

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  1. Erica q says:

    Excellent content. Great read.

  2. This post could not have come at a better time. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends lately and have been thinking of adding some sort of energy booster to my daily supplement routine. I’m definitely going to try this brand of Ginseng.

  3. selva says:

    Thanks for giving such good info..

  4. Janice says:

    Wow, this was an awesome read. I didnt know about the side effects and i was not aware that honey helps with milk production. Thx for this info.

  5. I’ve never known any of that! I’m breastfeeding too so I will have to check out that link about honey. Thanks!

  6. Lou says:

    Really informative post Jelena, thanks for sharing. I myself am not a fan of the taste even when combined with other things haha. Do you think the effects are the same when taking the pills instead of natural form?

    • Jelena says:

      Hi Lou! I recently heard an insignificant doctor who recommended pills more than a natural form. His explanation is that today most of the foods are GMOs and that the pill is a very precisely determined dose needed for a person. In any case, it depends on which pills from which producers would take into account.
      Also, if you are sure to buy 100% pure ginseng, such as Wisconsin Ginseng, I would always have consumed a natural herb.

  7. Marienne says:

    Ginseng is such a wonder healing herb. Great post!

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