How Do Bees Making Honey?

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  1. Blackiecharm says:

    Hi Jelena,

    Just visited your website, and learned a lot more about bees. I read a book last year, called Bee Time by Mark Winston. I learned a lot about bees and how important they are. Your post touches on the many uses there are for honey, besides having it on your toast in the morning.

    My wife works in a Natural Food Store and she has told me about the many ways that honey can heal. I learned a few more today as I read your posts. It seems like you are very dedicated to bees. This seems to be a common theme for anyone interested in them.

    The current state of the bee population is not good, so it’s reassuring when I find a site like this that promotes the value of bees. More information going out to the world will make more of us aware of the benefits associated with bees. They do so much for us. We need to return the favour.

    If you have some time please check out my most recent post:

  1. June 11, 2017

    […] honey is also a natural substance made by bees who had been fed only with organically grown flowers. It has to be produced in quite organic and […]

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