Purpose of bee dance

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  1. delroaustria says:

    Honeybees are truly amazing creatures. It is not only the bees that are awesome but as well as its honey or nectar from plants that makes it rule significant. It is a really a nature’s gift!

    To learn that they can do a waggle dance to signal the other bees where a good plant located is also amusing.

    Thanks for this sweet post.

  2. Adrian says:

    I found your post quite interesting to read as I wondered how bees communicate with each other and I think its amazing how they do it.

    It’s incredible that they can do a waggle dance in a certain way and the other bees know exactly what’s being communicated to them so they can set off to find the pollen and nectar using the sun as a compass.

    The video was great to watch and see how they actually do it, thanks for your post.

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