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Hibiscus Tea Benefits

There are many benefits of drinking tea every day. Apart from being a drink of refreshment, this tasty beverage can improve your health. It is giving you enough fluid for the day, protects your teeth...

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Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

Honey is well-known for its everlasting quality, owed to the perfect mixture of acids that doesn’t allow the inhibition of bacteria. The intake of honey itself is quite beneficial to one’s health, while the benign...

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Honey Colony – Bee Healthier You

If you want a healthier you and getting conventional foods out of your diet, Honey Colony is there to give you support in becoming mesmerized by your state of being and health. What we all...

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Benefits of eating honey everyday

If you are thinking about returning to nature in your everyday life, why not begin with nature itself in your daily food intake? We tend to get sick and tired of concrete and lifestyle that...

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At home remedy for sore throat

Throat pain can be caused by viral and bacterial infections. But, many people don’t now that they already have a cure in the kitchen. Honey is the great cure for throat pain.

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Manuka – New Zealand pure honey

Manuka honey, or liquid gold as it’s fast becoming known, is a growing industry. It is honey produced from mānuka (Leptospermum scoparium) bushes, growing in New Zealand. New Zealand pure honey reached a record $315...