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Solve acne - tips for Honey home therapy 36

Solve Acne – Honey Home Therapy

Acne, likewise called acnes or pimples, is among one of the most discouraging, disappointing, but most typical skin troubles today. Just what creates Acne? Poor health, medicine, delicious chocolate, oily, zesty food that triggers “thickness”...

Benefits of cinnamon and honey 13

Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

Honey is well-known for its everlasting quality, owed to the perfect mixture of acids that doesn’t allow the inhibition of bacteria. The intake of honey itself is quite beneficial to one’s health, while the benign...

Honey, ginger, lemon and mint - your home aid. 2

At home remedy for sore throat

Throat pain can be caused by viral and bacterial infections. But, many people don’t now that they already have a cure in the kitchen. Honey is the great cure for throat pain.