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Healthy Bread Recipe with Honey 12

Healthy Bread Recipe with Honey

Homemade bread Those easy homemade bread last for 2 days at room temperature level as no chemicals are included. However, compared to highly-processed industrial bread that lasts for the whole week, they are much fresher...

Honey, ginger, lemon and mint - your home aid. 2

At home remedy for sore throat

Throat pain can be caused by viral and bacterial infections. But, many people don’t now that they already have a cure in the kitchen. Honey is the great cure for throat pain.

Homemade honey cream 6

What is the best body cream for dry skin ?

Dry skin can be a very irritating problem.   Individuals whose occupations require more frequent hand-washing and sanitizing may experience dry skin more often. As skin becomes dry, it also may become more sensitive and...