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How to gain weight? 0

How to Gain Weight?

Although many would agree that the global population as a whole has somewhat more of an obesity problem than that of being underweight, being far too skinny is still a major issue for anyone that...

Communication between bees 3

Purpose of bee dance

Have you ever seen a waggle dance? If you ever take a closer look at bees community you will see that bees have their own dance, we call it waggle dance. One honey bee eagerly...

Honey, ginger, lemon and mint - your home aid. 2

At home remedy for sore throat

Throat pain can be caused by viral and bacterial infections. But, many people don’t now that they already have a cure in the kitchen. Honey is the great cure for throat pain.

What is natural honey? 0

What Is Natural Honey?

Have you ever considered, what is actually natural honey? Mature honeybees collect nectar from plant blossoms. Nectar is 80 to 95 percent water and 5 to 20 percent sucrose (table sugar). As the bee transports...